One of the 50 most exceptional teachers in the world

One of the 50 most exceptional teachers in the world

Aggeliki Pappa was selected among 20,000 teachers and educators, from 179 countries, and was named one of the 50 best teachers in the world, having been chosen for two consecutive years for the “Global Teacher Prize”, the “Nobel” prize for teachers. Furthermore, she is the founder and the head director of studies in “i love dyslexia” (ILD) Center the first and only highly specialized and innovative educational organization internationally, focusing on the experiential and holistic teaching of EFL to students with dyslexia and learning differences.

Moreover, is the founder and President of 3Dlexia Cosmos NGO, with mission to support ecological, holistic, transformative pedagogy for the 4th Industrial Revolution with vehicles like the innovative 3Dlexia Paradigm, pioneering in Quantum Education for the 21st century and the global humanitarian SOS4LoveProject initiated in the UN, supporting #Pedagogy4Love for a sustainable future.

She was born on July 25, 1975, and has origins from Erithres, in Attica and Samos. She has the title of the Med ‘Inclusion and Special Education Needs’ from the University of Birmingham UK.

Aggeliki Pappa is now an English teacher and special educator, with specialized postgraduate studies in diversified teaching and special education in a foreign language. She is a research associate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the University of Thessaly, where she teaches and writes academic educational papers. She also collaborates with various institutions (Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies, the Greek and Cypriot Ministry of Education, National Parents’ Association of Children with dyslexia of Northern Greece, RTC – Regional Training Centers, EFL school counselors, etc.) and is invited in numerous propositions on the domain of special education across the country.

Her creation, “I love dyslexia” Center, is the only center worldwide dedicated to teaching a foreign language to children with dyslexia in a “holistic” way. The inspirational words of Albert Einstein and Aristotle’s: “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”, have helped lay the foundations of the teaching philosophy in “i love dyslexia” (ILD) EFL School.

The big vision of ILD through the successful learning of English, is each student with dyslexia and special educational needs (SEN) to experience not only success in the foreign language acquiring a Global voice and Global identity, so crucial for the the 21st century, but also personal empowerment and self-awareness, necessary of his happiness, success and personal growth. It is the education of one’s spirit and soul, with the active involvement of the body, covering all three aspects at the same time (soul, mind, and body). To achieve this goal, Ms. Pappas studies and collaborates with neuroscientists from Tufts University, like Marianne Wolf, and Greek Dr. Theocharis Theoharidis.

She is also the creator of the lessons in ILD, which are based on the program “3Dlexia” applied exclusively in ILD. It is a combination of the original EFL tools designed by Aggeliki Pappa for the purposes of the lessons in ILD, as well as multisensory, differentiated instruction workshops, mindfulness sessions and e-tools used on interactive whiteboards and i-Pads.


She is the Winner of the Social Impact Award 2018 in Greece of the UK Alumni Awards and the Winner of the Social Impact Award in Europe representing Greece and the University of Birmingham-UK in the context of the Regional Awards of the UK Alumni Awards 2018 by the British Council, recognizing ILD as the first organization globally in its field providing the solution for 700 million people with SEN to overcome the challenge of learning FLs. She has also made a significant impact with the global # SOS4LoveProject, which connects 22,000 students, 945 schools, 58 countries worldwide. Because of this award, she met the Prince of Wales, Charles, at Stavros Niarchos Foundation, who expressed public confidence in the unique work produced in “i love dyslexia” Center.

On the 25th & 26th of May 2018, she participated in the Creative Edu-Magi in Serbia this week, in collaboration with some of the Top Educators and Edu-Institutions Globally.

She has received many honors from various organizations and Ministries of Education and Development for the whole of her innovative educational contribution to the country.


– 25/08/2017
Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert 2017-18
Aggeliki Pappa was included in the global community of MIE Experts program.

– 14/06/2017
British Embassy, Athens
Honorary presentation of “i love dyslexia” innovation during the celebration of the birthday of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II at British Embassy in Athens.

– 06/03/2017
Votre Beaute Women of the Year 2017, Μegaron Athens Concert Hall
Aggeliki Pappa has been selected in the top 3 women of the year for Greece for the “Scientist” category.

– 17/02/2017
Hellenic Family and Youth Union
An honorary distinction to Aggeliki Pappa for founding the first educational organization worldwide specialized in holistic EFL teaching to students with dyslexia and learning differences.

– 13/01/2017
UK Alumni Awards 2017, British Council and British Embassy Athens
Aggeliki Pappa has been selected in the three top notable UK Alumni in Greece for the Entrepreneurial category of the Study UK Alumni Awards 2017 organized by the British Council and the British Embassy in Athens for the creation of the first educational organization globally for holistic EFL teaching to students with dyslexia and learning differences.

– 2016 & 2017
Global Teacher Prize, Varkey Foundation
Aggeliki Pappa is in the top 50 educators in the World-Finalist of the Global Teacher Prize (GTP), known as “the Nobel Prize” for teaching, for two consecutive years and the Head of the Varkey Teacher Ambassadors Literacy Group 2016-2018.
For the GTP 2016, she has been shortlisted from 8.000 teachers’ applications from 149 countries around the world and for the GTP 2017. She has been selected from 20.000 applications from 179 countries. Through this important distinction, Aggeliki Pappa is a Varkey Teacher Ambassador for Greece.

– 07/10/2016
2nd International Conference on Adolescent Medicine and Child Psychology, London-UK
Certificate of Recognition to Aggeliki Pappa “for her phenomenal and worthy Keynote presentation on “The solution for millions of people with dyslexia and SEN globally deprived of EFL-FL learning, provided by the “i love dyslexia” innovative school for EFL-FL and dyslexia”.

– 08/2016
Accolade Global Film Competition, USA
Award of Merit Special Mention for “i love dyslexia” short film
ILD EFL-FL Schοol short film created by Constantinos Mantalias was awarded for the category “Impact: Motivational / Inspirational”.

– 06.06.2016
Hellenic Association of Political Scientists (HAPSc) in Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry
“Greece and its international position in the world”
An honorary distinction to Aggeliki Pappa for her contribution to Education in Greece and worldwide and her proclamation as an HAPSc honorary member.

– 21/04/2016
Education Business Awards 2016
Aggeliki Pappa received an Honorary award from Mrs. Marietta Giannakou, former Minister of Education in Greece and President of the of the jury of Education Business Awards 2016, for her lifelong contribution to the Pedagogy.

– 07/02/2016
Regional Directorates of Primary and Secondary Education of Crete & English School Advisors, Eleni Poulla & Despoina Aggelidaki
An honorary distinction for Aggeliki Pappa’s year-long nonprofit action in training EFL teachers of the public sector in Crete.

– 2015
The UNESCO-Hamdan bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Prize for Outstanding Practice and Performance in Enhancing the Effectiveness of Teachers.
“i love dyslexia” organization is nominated by the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO for the UNESCO Hamdan Prize recognizing the exceptional contribution of ILD and Aggeliki Pappa in enhancing the effectiveness of EFL teachers to students with dyslexia and learning differences worldwide.

– 15/03/2012
Encyclopedia Ηubners WHO IS WHO
The biography of Aggeliki Pappa is included in the International Encyclopedia Hubners among the greatest figures of each country from all sectors. The choice of Ms. Pappa was based on her CV, her offer and contribution to her work to the Greek education system.