Fast Eddie at the wheel of colossal enterprises

Fast Eddie at the wheel of colossal enterprises

Edward Zander was born in New York in 1947. He was CEO and Chairman of the Board of Motorola from January 2004 until 2008 and earlier a managing director in various influential firms.

He’s the son of Jewish immigrants. His father’s origins are from Poland and his mother’s from Greece. The latter migrated to the United States after her entire family was wiped out by Turkish nationalists in 1922. Zander’s friends gave him the nickname Fast Eddie thanks to his remarkable talent in business administration.

In 2004 and at the age of 65, electronics engineer Zander succeeded Christopher Galvin, the grandson of Motorola’s founder, after Galvin’s decision to retire the company’s board of directors. It was the first time that the business family had ever handed the firm’s wheel to an outsider.

Edward was selected by the Motorola board of directors thanks to his 25-year experience in edge technology business administration. Prior to then, he was CEO at Sun Microsystems, successfully raising the company’s turnover up to $18 million and placing it at the top of the servers market, a milestone moment in his professional history that earned him the CEO job and his employers’ goodwill at Motorola.

Before joining Sun Microsystems, Zander had worked as an administration executive for Apollo Computers and Data General. Currently, he is a member of the board of directors at Seagate Technology and of several advisory boards of educational foundations, like Jason Foundation for Education, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and School of Management Boston.

Edward Zander ranks at168 in the Forbes’ list with the highest paid executives in the technology industry.