Chief Executive Officer at Neuroscience Trials Australia

Chief Executive Officer at Neuroscience Trials Australia

Tina Soulis is Chief Executive Officer at Neuroscience Trials Australia (ΝΤΑ), operating as part of Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. Neuroscience Trials Australia is an Australian-based, niche contract research organization specializing in neuroscience clinical research.

One of the projects that she manages as CEO of NTA and for which she is very proud of, is a mobile Stroke Unit started operating in Melbourne, a few months ago. The purpose-built, 5.3-tonne trial stroke ambulance is equipped with a CT scanner capable of imaging a patient’s brain, telemedicine equipment and a mobile laboratory.

Dr Tina Soulis studied at the University of Melbourne, where she also earned her PhD in Biochemistry and Medicine.

She has worked as a clinical researcher and in senior roles within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for over 25 years. Her experience encompasses all stages of drug development in many therapeutic areas and geographical regions.

Prior to her role with Neuroscience Trials Australia, Tina was the director of clinical development at Acrux Pharma Pty Ltd, a successful Australian biotechnology company. She managed the strategic direction, development, co-ordination and reporting of the company’s clinical programs. Tina had pivotal involvement in taking a product (Axiron), right through all stages of clinical development and in submission of the product dossier for regulatory approval.

Tina has held senior clinical positions with Kendle (now INC Research, a global CRO) that involved the leadership of projects and personnel for numerous biotechnology and pharma clients. Prior to Kendle, Tina was a post doctoral research manager responsible for a team of scientists developing new drugs for the management of diabetic disease.

Talking about how her Greek background has affected her work, she told ‘Neos Kosmos’: “I don’t know if it’s Greek or not, but my parents have always given me a good work ethic. My dad urged me and my sister to study; he told us, ‘you have to become your own person, so no matter what happens in your life, you can survive’. I think that’s the best advice he ever gave us. He taught us to be fighters and that might come from a Greek mentality, the underdog thing. Being Greek to me means to be very proud of my heritage, everybody who works with me can tell you that”.