A Greek newspresenter on Chinese television

A Greek newspresenter on Chinese television

Every evening for the past year and a half, she presents the main news broadcast on NTD channel. NTD has been recognized by Reporters Without Borders as one of the leading TV channels, which offer free information to the Chinese people.

Based in New York, the New Tang Dynasty is a non-for-profit  network with 70 correspondents scattered all around the world. Its reputation skyrocketed when it publicized the SARS outbreak three whole weeks before the Chinese government made an official announcements, thereby saving thousands of human lives.

Greek-Australian Tina Sofos confesses that her decision to work with the network was heavily influenced by the fact that it is independent. “It was the greek spirit within me, which urged me to say “yes”. It was my duty. In our greek history, we have always supported democracy and human rights”, she says.

Tina Sofos works voluntarily for NTD, but this is not the first time she gets involved in such an initiative. In 2007, she was invited to Athens to present the global torch relay for human rights. “When I stood on the rostrum on Syndagma Square, I was pretty nervous, but the purpose gave me the strength I needed. A year earlier, during the Peking Olympics, groups of people where forcibly displaced and we had to support them, because we come from Greece- the Olympics began in Greece. Who will stand for their rights, if I don’t?”.

NTD viewers reward her with their preference; the ratings for her news broadcasts are persistently high. They are the same viewers who, when asked why they keep watching the particular program, reply that it is the only one offering accurate information about what is truly happening within and outside the country.