A nanomedicine researcher who fights cancer

A nanomedicine researcher who fights cancer

George Kordas is a researcher and is focusing on fighting cancer by using a modern Trojan horse, nanomedicine.

G. Kordas was born in Nikaia of Piraeus, Greece in 1949. He studied Physics in the Erlangen University of Germany and finished his master in Nuclear Physics. In the same university he completed his Ph.D. in Engineering.

G. Kordas has been selected from the National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” for his idea to cure cancer by using nanomedicine and funded him with €150.000. He and his team have developed nano-spheres with the size of 200-300 micrometer and are sensitive only to cancer cells, so once they come in contact with them, they release the medicine directly to them. With this method the treatment only targets the cancer cells and leaves the rest unharmed by the medicine. They focus now on breast and prostate cancer.

His goal is to proceed to human treatment but he knows the major problem with it. As G. Kordas says: “Our goal is to proceed to personalized chemotherapy. Each human is different and there can’t be a single treatment for all. For this reason we need special recipes to treat various cancerous conditions”.

G. Kordas, before joining the “Demokritos” staff in 1990, he had a very long career in teaching. He started in 1974 at the Erlangen University of Germany as a research and teaching assistant and in 1982 as a laboratory instructor. From 1985 till 1990, G. Kordas was an Instructor teaching “Glass Technology” and “Phase Equilibria” at the University of Illinios Urbana-Champaign in the United States.

In “Demokritos”, he instructed “Physics of Amorphous Solids” and “Phase Equilibria”. From 2004 till 2010, he was instructor at the University of Patras in Greece. His courses were “Glass and Ceramics” and “Spectroscopy”.

In 2015 Georgios Kordas and Eleni Efthimiadou created Nano4chem, an oncology-focused nanomedicine platform company. The company’s goals is to provide a solution to the problem “How can enhance the specific delivery of delivered therapeutic drug to the tumour reducing the drug aquired side effects dose in healthy tissue improving in that way therapeutic efficacy?”.

During his career, G. Kordas has received dozens of honors and awards. Some of the most recent, are the 2012 “Award for Scientific Excellence” by the National Center for Scientific Research and the 2015 “Honorary Award for Outstanding Achievements in Innovation”. He is member of the ERC LS7 Panel and of the ASF 15 Panel.