Revolutionized the drones market

Revolutionized the drones market

Konstantinos Dalakas is a young Mechatronics Engineer who has passion for aerospace.

In 2016 he designed an innovative drone, the Titan DM-II. It is a very robust unmanned aircraft, designed to carry safely and efficiently, various types of payloads with high speed and range versatility. It was ranked first with the highest rating of the public and also took the 6th place in the overall ranking, among 429 entries from around the world, in the Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge. It stands out as it can take off and land vertically as a helicopter but flies as an aircraft.

“The Titan was inspired by the fact that it can lift weight and the difference with the other drones that someone can buy is in operation. It has the ability to take off vertically but then it can fly like an airplane. This is because the airplane has the best flight performance; it can develop high speeds, with low consumption and great autonomy. I wanted to combine the good of both technologies. That is, the take-off and landing autonomy without an air lane, with the speed and immediate response an aircraft can have” he said.

In 2013, as a student, he was the leader of the team that designed the Unmanned Airplane Planner Hermes II, who won the 9th place in the 2013 Air Cargo Challenge, an aeronautical engineering competition, held in Portugal.

Two years later, in 2015, he graduated from the National Technical University of Athens where he studied Mechanical Engineering. Then he started to seek new technological solutions in the field of Unmanned Vehicles, known us drones. It is a global market that has a turnover of billions and is on a rapid rise as, for example, only in the US, more than 770,000 drones have been filed by the Federal Aviation Administration in the last few months and, according to a recent statement by the FAA administrator, Michael Huerta, 3.5 million registered drones are expected to fly only over North America by 2021.

“When I was 5 years old, I had already said that I wanted to become an Electrical Engineer because I always loved technology and how it can improve our lives. I was focusing on the Transfer Medical Assistance, which for Greece that has many islands and areas that are not so easily accessed by land would be a very good solution because there are needs that are immediate and with a drone they can be served in the best possible way”, Konstantinos Dalakas has said.