Chief Operating Officer of Cologne – Bonn Airport

Chief Operating Officer of Cologne – Bonn Airport

Athanasios Titonis has been Chief Operating Officer of Cologne/Bonn Airport Ltd. since December 16, 2016 and serves as its Member of Management Board. He served as the Managing Director of Cologne/Bonn Airport Ltd. until December 16, 2016 and served as its Head of Ground Operations.

He was appointed Technical Director of the Airport Company in summer 2011, having been Head of the Operations and Traffic Department at the Airport for nine years. “As the Head of department in the sector with most staff, Athanasios Titonis, did an excellent job”, said Dr. Volker Hauff, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

He is a second generation immigrant. He was born in Esslingen, Germany, in 1967 but he comes from Alexandroupoli, Greece. He studied Political Science/Sociology in the University of Stuttgart. When he was a child, he used to go both to a German and a Greek school. The man, who influenced him the most in his life was his father.

After finishing his studies, he started working for various airlines and for the last thirteen years he has been managing the Cologne/Bonn airport, which is a dynamically evolving airport. The fact that he has also worked as a worker in factories, has made him very respectful to his employees. He is married with two children.


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