Promotes the Greek cuisine in Australia

Promotes the Greek cuisine in Australia

David Tsirekas is a well-known chef in Australia. He has a lot of experience as executive chef in the Universal Hotels and was the owner of the restaurants “Perama” and “Xanthi”, both in Australia. Ηe is now the head-chef of the “1821” restaurant.

D. Tsirekas is from Kozani, Greece. Before starting his career in cooking, he was a swimming and water-polo coach. Once he started working inside the kitchen of the “Perama” restaurant, he immediately began researching for new recipes. His influences came not from the modern chefs but in fact from the ancient ones. He read Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, Great Alexander’s influence in the world, as well as the history of modern Greeks that lived abroad. With this knowledge, he began creating new recipes.

All of D. Tsirekas recipes give a taste of the Greek cuisine. It can either be the flavor, the texture, the appearance or even the method of cooking.

His goal is to evolve the recipes and give them a modern flavor, while being faithful to the tradition.

The Greek chef opened the restaurant “Xanthi” and held the ownership for three years before deciding to close it. After the closing of “Xanthi”, D. Tsirekas worked for the Greek tavern “Kefi”.

“My decision to join “Kefi” was to perfect the simplicity of Greek food. Always with love for the Greek Cuisine as our families and ancestors had. After having worked for many years in gourmet restaurants, I felt closer to Steve and Con’s vision for Kefi of giving people a quality product which is accessible to everybody in a surrounding that encapsulates the classical Greek style” Tsirekas says.

D. Tsirekas is now the head-chef of the restaurant “1821”, named after the date of Greek war of independence. The restaurant forms the centerpiece of the old Vault Hotel on Martin Place. It has two floors of dining and a basement bar called the RVR (Russian Vodka Room) that took its inspiration from the Odessa bunker where a group of ambitious Greeks plotted to take back their nation from the Ottoman Empire in 1817.