The Greek behind Empire’s music scores

The Greek behind Empire’s music scores

Alexis Grapsas is a composer for film, television, and visual media whose music has been heard in a wide variety of top studio motion pictures and television productions like the latest successful tv series Empire, Revenge, Unreal and Reckless.

He was born in Lefkada. He studied at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Athens University for two years and realized that music was his future. In 2005 he won a scholarship to study film music composition in Berklee College of Music.

With a background that includes classical training, composition studies, and advanced knowledge of modern music technology, he uses a variety of scoring approaches that involve orchestra recording, electronic sounds, synthesis, and music programming.

He is currently based out of his Los Angeles studio on the Warner Brothers Studio Lot, pursuing a career as a freelance film composer. He has collaborated with many talented directors and top industry producers who trust his creative input and deep understanding of contemporary filmmaking.

“I was given the opportunity to write music for the «Empire». Me nor anyone else from the production anticipated what would follow and the impact that Empire would have. The challenge of working on something millions of people around the world see and listen each week creates a nice feeling, but at the same time a subconscious anxiety” he said in a recent interview.

He won the Hollywood Music in Media Award in the category Original Music – Independent Film for his latest film «Land of Leopold» starring Ray Wise. The award ceremony took place on November 11, 2015 during a special ceremony at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.