Prolific professor in Yale University

Prolific professor in Yale University

Costas Meghir, or Konstantinos Ektor Dimitrios as is his full name, is a Greek-British Douglas A. Warner III Professor of Economics at Yale University from 2010 and a Visiting Professor at University College London from 2011. He has been honored with the “Ragnar Frisch Medal” in 2000 for the article “Estimating Labour Supply Responses using Tax Reforms” (with Richard Blundell and Alan Duncan). His research interests are Econometrics, Public policy, Labor economics, Economics of education, Microeconometrics, Evaluation of public policy, Household behavior, Retirement and pensions, Income distribution, Consumption, Demand analysis, Investment and Development economics.

He was born on the 13th of February 1959, and he obtained his BA (with Honors) in Economics and Econometrics in 1979, from the University of Manchester. He continued with his MA in economics (with Distinction) in 1980, and he got his PhD in Economics in 1985, from the same university.

Costas Meghir has a rich teaching career in the many famous universities and institutions, such as the Economic and Social Research Council, University of Chicago (Visiting Professor), Stanford University (Visiting Professor), Institute for Fiscal Studies (Programme Director), University College London (Visiting Professor and Lecturer at the past), and more.

Regarding his prizes and honours, probably one of the most important is -as we mentioned- the “Ragnar Frisch Medal” (2000), for the Article: Estimating Labour Supply Responses using
Tax Reforms (with Blundell and Duncan), published in “Econometrica”. Apart from that he is a Fellow of the British Academy, a member of the Council of the Royal Economic Society, and a Fellow of the Econometric Society. He has also been awarded with the “Bodosakis foundation prize in Economics” in 1997, as the “Best Greek Economist under 40”, the “Allman Prize” from the Manchester Statistical Society in 1980, and the “Cobden Prize” from the University of Manchester in 1979.
Costas Meghir has publised more than 57 papers in scientific journals (such as the American Economic Review, the American Economic Journal, the Review of Economic Studies, and more) an more than 18 published papers (books) concerning econometric methods and labour supply.

Finally, we have to mention some of his -many- Research Awards: 1987: ESRC project entitled: The Structure of VAT, the Level of Tax Yield and Consumer Welfare, 1991: the SPES Plan, Dynamic Models of Household Behaviour, 1991: EMRU project on Unemployment and Discouraged workers, 1989: The World Bank “Labour Transitions in the Côte d’ Ivoire”, 2012-2014: the Sloan Foundation Grant, and many many more.

Throughout his career, he has served as Head of Department of Economics in University College London, and an external examiner at the University of Essex. In the recent referendum in Greece (5/07/15) his was strongly opposed to the “No” opinion, considering that a possible exit of the Eurozone could be proven catastrophical for the greek economy.