A Greek journalist & news anchor has won the trust of the German public

A Greek journalist & news anchor has won the trust of the German public

With origins in Crete, Linda Zervakis is the first well known foreign news anchor of the most important 8 o’clock news show at the first public TV station of Germany. Zervakis of Greek descent, 35, made her debut at the beginning of April 2012 in the news show Tagesthemen, the testing room for the oldest and most prestigious news show in Germany.

Linda’s parents migrated to Germany in the ‘60s. They became the owners of a newsstand where she used to work next to her siblings. Even when she got her first full-time job as a copywriter in an advertising agency, she didn’t stop working part-time in the family’s newsstand every other Sunday up to age of 28. Soon after, she started walking her own professional path as a radio newscaster to gain experience. Later on, television knocked on her door and at the end she was welcome to the most influential German news show. However, in an interview with ellines.com, Linda Zervakis admits that she wouldn’t believe it possible, if someone had told her a decade ago.



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