Starting out from Kymi to introduce Greek food to Japan

Starting out from Kymi to introduce Greek food to Japan

What comes to mind when you’re asked to reflect on gastronomy? Is it the French or is it maybe the Japanese cuisine? Is it a creative recipe by an inspired and playful chef or is it just feta cheese, olives and yoghurt?

That’s exactly what Thanasis Fragkis would call the secret to his business venture’s perennial success in faraway Mikoto of Japan. Fragkis is the biggest importer of Greek food products and wine in the country of the rising sun, placing them as exquisitely special in the gourmet market. Of course, they are all in great demand.

Thanasis Fragkis established his business company in 2001, importing 80% of Greek labelled products distributed in Japanese supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and also via the web. is based at the city of Mikoto, at a 130 km distance from Fukusima. Starting out from Kymi of Evia, Thanasis Fragkis travelled to the UK, where he met his Japanese wife and later on both parts decided to reside in her private homeland.

According to Fragkis, his import company is posting annual revenue growth of 20%, without the support of any Greek public organization. “We do business on our own with no help coming from Greece. No serious effort has ever been made by the Greek part neither to promote nor advertise our business company”, he complains.

However, Thanasis Fragkis regularly attends every trade event promoting Greek food and products around the world, for instance FOODEX, the biggest international food and beverage exhibition in the Pacific.