The villain in the tv series 24 and Mortal Kombat

The villain in the tv series 24 and Mortal Kombat

Adoni Maropis is an actor famous for his roles in the American tv series «Mortal Kombat» and «24», starring Kiefer Sutherland.

During the 6th season of «24» he impersonated the terrorist «Abu Fayed». He has also played the part of Quan Chi in the tv series «Mortal Kombat Conquest» (1998).

His exotic looks was an advantage for participating in blockbusters such as «The Scorpion King» in 2002, «Troy» (2004) with Brad Pitt, and «Bad Company» with Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins, also in 2002.

Maropis was born and raised in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, on the 20th of July 1963. His father, Petros, was a periodontist, writer and athlete, while his mother, Despina Maropis was an ex-model. They both came from the Greek island Crete, his mother from Chania and his father from Sfakia. He is the middle son of the family. His one brother, Sam, is an accountant at the American Naval Base in Souda Bay, and his other brother, Chris, is a doctor.

«My mother was born in Chania and my father in Pitssburgh, but his parents migrated from Sfakia, Crete to America in the early 1900s. The first time my father ever visited Crete was in 1960, where he met my mother. In a few days time, they got married. I consider myself a pureblood Cretan (origin from Crete)», says Adoni Maropis in a previous interview.

When he was 18 years old, Adonis fell into a coma, and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. The doctors were not highly optimistic about his health. In fact, they had warned his parents that he probably wouldn’t make it after the age of 25. Adonis didn’t give up. He has won several championships in many sports: tennis, basketball, baseball, football, weight lifting, and table tennis. In fact, as far as table tennis is concerned, he has won many national-level titles.

He exercises every day, at least for one hour, which is essential for his well-being. Furthermore, he is very passionate with the idea of underlining the importance of exercise in a worldwide level, primarily for the individuals who suffer from diabetes.