The only Greek Professor in Typography Design in UK

The only Greek Professor in Typography Design in UK

Gerry Leonidas is the only Greek Professor at the University of Reading in UK that teaches Typography and Graphic Communication.

His job is setting up a system to demonstrate information on paper or screen in a way to serve the majority of factors such as commercials, aesthetic and others. The interesting part is when the information that must be displayed is increasing in complexity and size, an issue really common over the internet. The role of the type-writer is to give the user the needed information to go further than the first information, to make connections with other information that otherwise might be discarded and to extract and use these in order to help him in his personal or business processes, he noted.

After finishing school in 1986, he went to Athens University of Economics and Business and afterwards for Journalism Studies. Once he finished with his military services, he went at the University of Reading for his master and his PhD. He started working with people in typographic and designing projects. Then he became the head of the Master’s Of Arts in Typeface Design Project, the only program of such level in the world, and in charge of the second year Bachelor degrees.

Leonidas teaches Typography, Designing over the Internet and designing fonts. He is also a visiting Lector and consultant in designing projects that concern Greek typography.