Ewan McGregor’s wife has Greek roots

Ewan McGregor’s wife has Greek roots

The woman, who has stolen the heart of one of Hollywood’s most attractive actors, Ewan McGregor, is of greek origin and answers to the name Eve Mavrakis. The child of greek immigrants, she was born and raised in France and today works as a movie producer.

Eve Mavrakis entered the film industry in 1988, as assistant art director at Steven Friars” Oscar-winning “Dangerous Liasions”, staring Glenn Close, John Malkovich, Michelle Pfeiffer, Keanu Reeves and Uma Thurman. Among her best known works is Guy Richie’s comedy “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” (1998), as well as  the films “Bandit Queen” (1994), “Innocent Sleep” (1996) and “Imagine Me & You” (2005).

She and Ewan McGregor met during filming for the British television series “Kavanagh QC”. In a past interview, McGregor has confessed that they fell in love at first sight and that he instantly knew he would share more than a simple relationship with this woman. The couple married in 1995 in a picturesque french village and one year later they had their first child, Clara Mathilde.

Eve Mavrakis gave Ewan McGregor two more daughters, while in 2006 they decided to adopt a girl from Mongolia. To demonstrate his love for the women of his life, the popular actor has tattooed their names on his right arm. Nowadays, the whole family has moved from London to New York, where they continue to live their fairy-tale…