Top political analyst in U.S.

Top political analyst in U.S.

George Stephanopoulos is one of the top anchors for ABC News. He has served as a Senior Advisor for Policy and Strategy during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

He was born on February 10, 1961 in Fall River, Massachusetts. His father, Robert George Stephanopoulos was a Greek Orthodox priest and his mother Nickolitsa Tsafou was the communications director for the Greek Archdiocese.

«I was brought up to be very proud of our tradition, and to know that it was an important part of our contribution to the United States» he explains.

George Stephanopoulos started his education at Orange High School in Pepper Pike and in 1982 he received his bachelor of art degree in Political Science from Columbia University in New York where he was a sports broadcaster for WKCR-FM, the university’s radio station. Stephanopoulos was the salutatorian of his class and was also awarded a Harry S. Truman Scholarship. Following his father wish to become a priest, he earned a Rhodes Scholarship and got his M.A. in Theology at Balliol College.

He began his career as an aide to Cleveland congressman Ed Feighan in Washington D.C. and soon became Feighan’s chief of staff.  In 1988, Stephanopoulos worked on the Michael Dukakis U.S. presidential campaign and afterwards he became the «floor man» for Dick Gephardt, U.S. House of Representatives Majority Leader where he held this position until he joined the Clinton campaign.

In 1991, Stephanopoulos signed on as deputy campaign manager for communications with the Democratic presidential campaign of Arkansas governor Bill Clinton. After Clinton’s victory in 1992, Stephanopoulos became one of the new president’s most trusted aides, serving as the senior advisor to the president for policy and strategy.

In 1996, after Clinton’s reelection, Stephanopoulos worked as a professor of government at Columbia University and as a political commentator and analyst for ABC News.

In 1999, he published a book about his experience working with Clinton, entitled “All Too Human: A Political Education”, which went to No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list.

Stephanopoulos became host of ABC’s political program “This Week” from 2002 until 2010 and in 2012 he became the show’s anchor. He has also gone on to co-host “Good Morning America”, having served in a number of key correspondent positions as well.

He is married with Alexandra Wentworth and they have two children.