Germany ownored her with the  Golden cross

Germany ownored her with the Golden cross

She has been living in Germany during the last 30 years, serving the social structures of the German administration during the last 25 years. Ioanna Zaharaki, with roots in Chrisomilia of Kalabaka, made the decision to relocate abroad in 1981, carrying just her high school degree in her luggage. She studied literature and sociology at the University of Aahen. Early 2014, she was awarded the Golden Cross for her service to the local society.

Zacharaki works as a Consultant in the field of Social Integration and Interculturalism of the Diakonie Rheinland-Westfalen-Lippe. Her duties involve managing of local immigration services, consulting organizations and members of her union, securing funds and also designing and developing services and training issues. Moreover, she plays a major part in consulting as a representative of her organizations to the ministries on state and local level.

She has developed an expertise in the field of intercultural capability, her teaching area as a Professor at the University of Bochum and Düsseldorf. She also teaches subjects on the inter human relationships and attitudes, conflict management and education of values and also trains educators and civil servants on planned and efficient public servicing.

She is widely acknowledged for network setting, the foundation of the Greek German day nursery ESTIA, the initiative for the education of values, several scientific publications and programs and also for her orientation in achieving goals.

Zacharaki claims that Greek citizens wishing to relocate to Germany ought to learn the German language in order to gain access to information, meet people and find a job.