Impresses the world with his musical compositions

Impresses the world with his musical compositions

Teodor Currentzis is an accomplished conductor, musician and poet. Based in Russia, he has successfully managed to gain international popularity. He is the Artistic Director of the Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre, Artistic Director of the ensemble Musica Aeterna and of the Musica Aeterna Chamber Choir, both formed in 2004, during his tenure as Music Director of the Novosibirsk State Opera and Orchestra.

Currentzis was born in Athens in 1972. He received his first piano lessons at the age of 4 and he later studied violin at the age of 7, before eventually dedicating himself to music composition studies at the age of 12 at the departments of theoretical music and string instruments of the National Conservatory in Athens. In 1987, he started composing music under professor George Hadjinikos and later under professor Shreck.

He continued his studies at the State Conservatory of St. Petersburg. It is worth taking into consideration that he rejected a $25,000 scholarship offered by the Metropolitan Opera of New York and chose instead to travel to Russia.

In 2002, together with the renowned Hellenist scholar Fatima Yeloeva and under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture, Currentzis founded the Center for Greek Culture at the University of St. Petersburg. In 2003, Currentzis joined the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia and during the next year he was appointed Principal Conductor of the orchestra at the Academic Theatre of Opera & Ballet of Novosibirsk. Moreover, he formed his own chambers choir and the Musica Aeterna Ensemble.

In 2011, Currentzis relocated to Perm and was appointed Artistic Director of the Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre and Artistic Director of the International Diaghilev Festival. He also works for international famous orchestras and enjoys a year-long collaboration with the Madrid Teatro Real.


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