The longest serving broadcast meteorologist with a single TV station

The longest serving broadcast meteorologist with a single TV station

Nick Gregory is a famous meteorologist for WNYW (FOX5) in New York. Gregory has been working for WNYW for over two decades and he is the longest serving broadcast meteorologist with a single television station.

Nick’s parents were born in the United States to Minor Asian parents, who migrated to the country before the Destruction of Asia Minor and started a family. Nick himself is an active member of the Greek Community and the Greek Orthodox Church of his neighbourhood.

He studied Meteorology at Lyndon State College and started his career with WTLV 12 (ABC) in Florida and later moved to CNN in Atlanta. Nick’s first weather broadcast was for WNYW on December 26th, 1986.

Moreover, he has been a licensed pilot for 28 years and also flies voluntary missions for Angel Flight, a non-profit organization that provides free transportation for financially needy patients.

Nick Gregory is married to Athena and has 3 children, Anastasia, Valia and Arianna. Together with his family, he visits Greece often and loves Greek architecture and traditional cooking and dances.


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  1. Kathy Pisano

    In such a tumultuous world and so much uncertainty, Nick Gregory remains a wonderful constant in our daily news/weather predictions for 20 years-we are grateful Nick ☀️?☃☔️

  2. Miriam Emile

    I have always admired Nick. He is a great meteorologist. He seem to be a very polite, and wonderful man.
    Thank you Nick, for doing such a great job.
    I don’t think your co-workers have a bad word to say about you, because you seem to be a very nice person to work with. Keep up the excellent work. I thank you …

  3. This is incorrect. Tim Kelley of NECN/NBC10 Boston has been with the same station for 20 years and was their first hire.

  4. John Dickmon

    Only beats Bill Steffans at WOOD TV8 by five years.